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Society demands that corporates demonstrate leadership in and commitment to social and environmental causes. In response, corporates have become more sophisticated in their CSR strategies. They have moved beyond ad-hoc and project-based activities, which tend to have a short-term impact. They now pursue long-term impact by engaging in inclusive, strategic, and collaborative activities.

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What is Corporate Social Impact?

Corporations are finding new ways to generate positive societal impact through their core business. Effective corporate social impact strategies make good business sense as they help to attract talent, catalyse innovations, and expand into new markets.

Corporates in Asia experience common needs in implementing effective social impact strategies

Aligning values and trust between corporates and social purpose organisations

Gaining an in-depth understanding of social issues and solutions

Designing strategic or collective impact towards a strong theory of change

Building internal capacities to support the development sector

Partnering with intermediaries can address these needs

While there is no one approach to developing a sustainability strategy, the ultimate goal of all corporates is to extend their core business values while maximising their social impact footprint.

Social Impact

Strategic CSR

Employee Engagement

Corporate Giving

Corporate Social Accelerator

Social Business / Inclusive Business

Corporate Foundation

Corporate Impact Fund

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